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How to take care of your garden? follow the steps!

After planting, your garden has started growing and your work is now completed. But what comes after planting? It’s obviously the maintenance time of your garden. It’s time to water the plants, fertilize them and take general care of them. After planting, your half of the job is completed. To complete the full job, you have to maintain your garden at its best. You will be succeeded in the task if you have worked upon the following tips and your garden is as ideal as you thought about it.


The soil of the garden is mostly deprived of essential nutrients that help the plants to grow strong and be more productive. There is a little need of fertilizers if you add organic matter every year in your garden. The major role of these fertilizers is to provide the organic nutrients to the plants whenever they are needed by them.

Make sure that you are fertilizing your garden soil after carrying out the soil test. This will help you in knowing the state of the soil and the amount of the nutrients that it will need. Moreover, you can also estimate the need for fertilizers in the plant by looking at the appearance of the plants. If the plants bear pale leaves with low yield and inhibited growth, then your garden soil needs fertilizers to grow.

Fertilizers not only increase the growth of the plant, but they also improve the moisture retention within the soil. The chance of diseases is also reduced with the help of fertilizers. Any material such as leaves, paper, grass, bark, hay or straw or any other like thing can be used as fertilizer.


If you are talking about the vegetables and fruit garden, then these all vegetables and fruits are composed of 75 to 95% of water. The growth of the plant and its yield are highly improved when sufficient moisture is available in the soil. If we generally talk about watering, then it is mostly needed during the first few weeks of planting and also when your plant is developing its edible parts that are the fruits and the vegetables.

Try not to do the frequent watering or shallow watering, this can also kill the plant by increasing the drought spells (except for the plants that grow fast). When you are watering with your hands, then water enough at the plant base. Try not to do the overhead watering, it will increase the risk of plant diseases. If you are not giving water by hand, then make sure that there are some internal watering system or a hose that will supply water to the plants after short intervals.

Try to give water to your plants in the morning time. As the wet surfaces in the night are liable to insect attack and plant diseases. Moreover, add more fertilizers into your soil, this will help in increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil.

Avoid Weeds

Weeds are the types of small plants that grow very well in the disturbed environments. These are not the plants we like to grow. They compete with our plants for water and other nutrients. Moreover, they are responsible for harboring the insects and pests that are a big threat to your vegetable plants. Therefore, the growth of such plants must be stopped to maintain your vegetable garden and try to remove these plants whenever you find them in your garden.

Try not to expose any place with bare soil, it will be the most likely place for the weeds to grow. So, to prevent the weed growth, fertilize the soil around the plants, hydrates the soil and provide optimum temperature. You can remove weeds in their initial stage. Remove them from hands when they are younger, as they will be easily removed at this stage and they don’t consume much nutrients and water from the soil as the mature weeds.

To save the space or to create more room for other plants, you can use a stake to hold the vegetable plants, including tomatoes, cucumber and pepper and monitor your plants every day so that if any problem arises, you can solve it at the first sight rather than making your plant liable to multiple disease attacks.